Lililotte, ethical clothes made of organic cotton for « bio chic, bon genre » children.


The Lililotte adventure begins in January 2015 in Nantes. Two mothers, Nathalie, who then worked for a renowned fashion group, and Charlotte, a nurse passionate about children’s fashion and sewing, decide to pool their talents and skills in order to create ethical, organic, chic and affordable clothes for children, thus meeting their expectations regarding children clothing.

Lililotte was then born : clothes and accessories for babies and children from 3 months to 12 years old, made of organic cotton certified to GOTS.

Each collection is created and designed in Nantes, in order to stay in touch with our clientele and its expectations.

All fabrics and knits are produced especially for us and are made of organic cotton of the highest quality in India, a country selected for its great expertise in textile and fabrics, especially organic ones. The indian factories we chose are GOTS certified, thus guaranteeing human work conditions and an eco-friendly production.

Our clothes are also manufactured in India, following the same criteria.

At the beginning of 2017, Nathalie continues the adventure along with a new team. For the rest, nothing has changed, Lililotte still offers you and your children “bio chic bon genre” clothes combining refinement and fashion.


What does GOTS certified mean ?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a world-wide recognized standard for organic textile. In order to be certified to GOTS, the organic cotton we use for our fabrics and knits must be grown with no chemical pesticide nor chemical fertilizer and harvested by hand. Hypoallergenic and soft to the touch and on the skin, our clothes ensure the well-being of children.

The sustainable production practices used do not pollute water, soil nor air. The GOTS also implies compliance with high-level environmental and socially responsible criteria, from harvesting through manufacturing up to labelling organic clothes.

Beyond essential certifications in order to protect the health of our children and our planet, as well as the dignity of all those who manufacture our clothes, choosing Lililotte is offering your children high-quality garnments. Our organic cotton is both smooth and resistant, you children will surely make the difference! 

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