For international orders, purchases shall be settled either via :

- Credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard) : ensures the client total data security through encryption. 3-D Secure protocol may also be used. All information transmitted are encrypted by a software and can not be read during transport in the network. Transmission is encrypted by software as soon as the closed lock symbol appears in the browser. Moreover, all our website and connections are secured through the HTTPS protocol. Lililotte works with CIC Bank.

Paypal : the client must have created a Paypal account beforehand. On website, after validating the order, the client may choose payment via Paypal, enter their email adress, password, total amount in Euros. Paypal then acts as an intermediary between the client and Lililotte. All debit or credit transactions are almost instantaneous on Paypal accounts. The client may then verify in his Paypal account that the payment is complete. 

For international orders, the price paid by the client does not include customs, others taxes and all additional charges that may be applicable depending upon the legislation of their country. Such additional costs shall be directly paid by the client to the carrier.

Lililotte SAS retains the right to suspend the order and delivery in the case of a credit/debit card refusal, or in the case of non payment. Lililotte SAS retains also the right to refuse to process an order or to ship a delivery placed by a client who would have partly or not paid a previous order or with whom a payment dispute would be ongoing.

If a verification procedure was initiated in order to ensure that there is no identity fraud, especially via a client's bank details, the said client may be asked to send Lililotte a copy of theirs identification document and a proof of address by e-mail. The order will be valid upon receipt and verification of the documents by our services. Shall these documents not be received within 15 days following the order placement, the said order will be automatically cancelled.

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